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Be careful, your files are not safe in WhatsApp or Telegram

The most important change that most modern messaging systems like WhatsApp or Telegram make is cryptography. These ensure that no one can read the messages when they are transmitted. This has led to problems with the authorities, but above all to the option of the majority.

A new vulnerability has entered WhatsApp and Telegram. This does not apply to news, but to media files. Any attacker can access them as soon as they enter Android smartphones.

 Android Telegram App Files

For many, protection against theft or reading of messages on WhatsApp and Telegram is infallible. Messaging services ensure that communication between the participants in a conversation can not be interrupted. This is a seemingly true statement, but at certain times it causes problems.

A security team evaluated the processes and found that both WhatsApp and Telegram had an error. Both applications are unable to maintain privacy for shared files.

WhatsApp Security Affects Android

WhatsApp has a problem with how this app stores incoming files. Android offers two modes, with the company opting for something more open. In this way, any vulnerable device can be accessed.

WhatsApps selection was not accidental. By selecting external device storage, WhatsApp ensures that your files can be shared by users in other apps.

 WhatsApp Telegram Android App Files

Telegram files can be accessed from any app.

Already in the telegram this is the problem, since this possibility exists for every application to access the files. Problem has less influence. The app does not usually save the files to the device's external storage. Only when the user saves what he receives in the gallery, he will be exposed. In this case, access is immediately open and possible by any application.

In a crash called Media File Jacking, WhatsApp and Telegram do not seem to attract the right amount of attention. The first recognizes the problem, but catalogs it as similar to others. In the case of Telegram, the company has not expressed its existence.

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