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Bloco gives birth to Pedro Marques, a boatman of the Tagus River

The reaction of the Left bloc to Pedro Marques, who on Wednesday afternoon regarded the block (and the PCP) proposals for the euro as a "threat", took several hours. At the evening rally in Almada, Congresswoman Joana Mortágua was responsible for putting the head of the PS list to the fore. And he did so and then tried to sink it by presenting the bill on the state of crossing the Tagus, which fully confirmed the former Minister of Infrastructure.

The criticism was on the appendage of an episode read "two weeks ago," Mortágua said. In the Terreiro do Paço about 180 people were waiting for the last night boat to Barreiro. They waited and despaired because the career never arrived. Without other means of mobility "20 people had to sleep in Terreiro do Paço", said the MEP.

It was understood where the flood of talks would take place. "Minister Pedro Marques knew very well which state Transtejo and Soflusa were," said Joana Mortágua, adding: "Ask the candidate Pedro Marques if he has already left the check signed [para as empresas de transportes]?" And with irony he finished: "Or will he be a boatswain" to solve the problems in the Tagus?

It was the first critic of the block who aimed directly at the PS list. Antonio Costa, who had been shot at by Marisa Matias on the eve of Wednesday morning, had been spared the recent criticism of the leader by the PS to the bloc (and also to the PCP) at the unbelievable Almadense

"the protest vote can Wash the conscience, but do not solve it "- was known on the night of Wednesday, when the rally of the block was already over.

After one night, Catarina Martins and Marisa Matias, in Braga, with a strong lead over PSD and in particular CDS and António Costa, at the Rally Almada do Bloco social issues selected to use their speeches The "obscure plans" of PS , PSD and CDS on the "Privatization of Social Security".

To formulate her opposition to this scenario, Marisa reminded her how expensive this can be. "We do not accept that they have used everyone's money for the scams of the past," he added. "And we do not accept that they want to use the money of retirees for the scams of the future."

Catarina Martins his intervention in the topic of labor prestige, whose "fight" is the priority of the block.

In Almada, the presence of the journalist and commentator Daniel Oliveira (including Expresso and SIC staff) was highly appreciated as an aid). Former militant and former leader of the bloc, should show support for his brother José Gusmão, number 2 on the list. At the end of the speeches there was a hug and a kiss for Marisa (previously welcomed by this and Catherine).

Also talking to Fernando Rosas, among other former party members.
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