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"Bom Jesus" was inaugurated 5 years and 5.9 million after

"There is no perfect health service anywhere in the world, but what we have here in Madeira is a service that is improved every year with all its valences, with doctors, surgical assistants and highly qualified nurses, and motivates in the pursuit of the profession . "

Remarks by the President of the Regional Government at the inauguration of the renovated Bom Jesus Health Center in Rua das Hortas this Tuesday (16 July). Miguel Albuquerque first thanked the "patience" and "professionalism" of those who showed a willingness to work in the center during the construction.

and acknowledged that these were "complex".

Despite the successive shifts in this project, the head of government rejects the "party-political and news-political narrative that seeks to turn the regional health service into chaos" as being "A fiction and a nondescript maneuver". "The chaos in healthcare is not on Madeira, but on the mainland," he shot.

Miguel Albuquerque found that in 201

9 alone, the regional government provided € 420 million for regional health care. He added, "Our people can continue to rely on my government's determination to provide funding to further improve health services."

Referring to the Bom Jesus Health Center, he stressed that it is a health center "good example" of providing primary care to the population

The Bom Jesus Health Center caters for 49,051 enrolled patients, of whom 30,560 are GPs are. (H, a, i, c, j, d, g) {if (h.fbq) {return} j = h.fbq = function () {j.callMethod? j.callMethod.apply (j, arguments): j.queue.push (arguments)}; if (! h.fbq) {h.fbq = j} j.push = j; j.loaded = D.async =! 0; d.src = c; g = a.getElementsByTagName (i) [0][0]; g.parentNode.insertBefore (d, g)} (window, document, "script", "https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbevents.js"); fbq ("init", "641791102870161"); fbq ("track", "pageview");
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