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Marcelo admits that he will "miss" the current composition of the Assembly of the Republic – Current

"It was a parliamentary term in which Parliament was the center of Portugal's political life in many, not all, affairs, and there was therefore a parliamentarization of political life in Portugal, which in some ways was unprecedented," he said and pointed out that this was done only in "short periods" by other minority governments. The head of state classified "excellent" …

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Ossadas humanas descobertas em estaleiro em Santa Maria da Feira

Sociedade 17 de julho 2019 "Viram os detritos de restos de madeira e pelo cheiro desconfiaram que se passava alguma coisa" Funcionários da junta de Freguesia de S. Paio de Oleiros , em Santa Maria da Feira, estavam limpar at dos estaleiros da autarquia quando fizeram uma descoberta macabra, esta terça-feira. Foram encontrados restos de urnas e de ossadas humanas, …

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Woman forced to work near the bathroom facing toilets – Portugal

The Braga Administrative and Financial Tribunal "forced" the Câmara de Barcelos, an employee who had moved to another location without explanation, without conditions "minimally worthy" and without having to return functions to his original workplace By decision of 10 July, to which Lusa had access this Wednesday, the court upheld the precautionary measure taken by the National Association of Workers …

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GNR seized fake articles in Câmara de Lobos

A total of 131 fake articles, valued at 2,620 euros, were confiscated by the National Republican Guard (GNR) in Câmara de Lobos. In an inspection of a trading company, the military confiscated towels, caps, school supplies, perfumes and watches. In addition, the establishment official, a 27-year-old woman, was identified. The goods were sent to the court of justice of the …

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Brexit's balcony on Madeira has already served more than 150 people

The Brexit balcony, created on 17 June, had received a total of 156 persons until yesterday, mostly in person, as the space created for Portuguese emigrants in the United Kingdom is located in the Loja do Cidadão in Funchal This afternoon the Vice President visited the regional government's website to report on the first results of this project, which fulfills …

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Representative of the Republic proclaimed the diploma restoring the nurses' service

The representative of the Republic, Ireneu Barreto, today released the diploma restoring the time of the frozen nurses' service. The Regional Legislative Decree was adopted in the ALM and comes into force shortly after its publication. With this diploma approximately 80% of the nurses in Madeira can regain the frozen service and make career. Ireneu Barreto also issued a legislative …

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