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EU prepares US tariffs on $ 7 billion worth of assets – economy

The European Union is preparing to impose an import duty of US $ 5-7 billion (US $ 4.4 to 6.2 billion) on the United States if possible

The information provided by Bloomberg based on statements by two unidentified European officials.

The administration led by Donald Trump The hypothesis of using such tariffs to convince them to settle a dispute over a 14-year period had already been stated: The US considers that the subsidies granted to aircraft manufacturer Airbus by Europe constitute a practice of unfair competition and harm the Americans Boeing.

Tariffs that are on the table would target products such as helicopters and parts of aircraft, cheese, olives, and noodles, as well as some

Washington is currently awaiting the WTO ruling on damages caused by Europe Airbus subsidies, estimated by the US Department of Commerce at $ 1

1 billion a year. As soon as the ruling is known, the United States intends to move ahead with the tariffs, the same sources said. The position of the WTO may be known this summer.

Similar charges against Boeing are pending in Europe and there may be retaliation for $ 12 billion worth of import duties, including products such as video games and ketchup. Although the European bloc has been open to discussions so far to avoid reciprocal application of tariffs, the Commissioner for Trade said this month that the tariffs would hopefully progress.

Europe has already threatened to impose tariffs on US imports worth 20 billion euros if Trump decides to make another threat to punish the blockade with tariffs for the automotive sector. The President of the United States decided on 15 May to postpone this decision for half a year, thereby extending the deadline for negotiations with the European Union and Japan.

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