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Galaxy S10 with side biometrics, dual reversing camera and Infinity-O screen cheaper

As the year comes to an end and approaches in 2019, more and more information about the next generation Galaxy Galaxy phone lines is appearing. After leaks suggest that Samsung should close the Galaxy J line in 2019 and introduce different letters of the alphabet, we also know the plans for the company's high-performance models.

Earlier this year, we should be introduced to the Galaxy S10. and it seems that the tenth version of Samsung's most important line will definitely set the edges aside to launch the South Korean Giant's new display pattern in all three variants.

While the use of the Galaxy S10 nomenclatures has not yet taken place is clearly defined, new information indicates that the cheaper model of the trio will actually arrive with the new Infinity-O and much more.

Although Samsung has introduced the Infinity O-Display with a circular notch in the upper left corner of the screen It is possible that the company may both adapt it to the other end of the screen and install it in the center of the screen, as many prefer. It is still unclear which position Samsung should choose, but the biggest certainty they have so far is that the S1

0 trio arrives on the screen with a circular notch.

The cheapest model should not arrive with a triple reversing camera It is expected that Samsung will use the same Galaxy Note 9 set, but some improvements in the sensors. The biometric reader does not appear on the screen like the most expensive models. Instead, the cheaper Galaxy S10 should have a fingerprint reader .

Ben Geskin revealed that Samsung should provide the device in three variants in total. These are:

  • 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
  • 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM
  • 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM

Still following the leak, it seems the manufacturer has not yet between the Snapdragon 845 (used in the smartphones of 2018) and the Snapdragon 8150 (successor to the 845 for the smartphones of 2019). The price would be between $ 650 and $ 750, or between about $ 2,430 and $ 2,810 (approximate sales).

There are no leaked images of the 2019 Galaxy S line yet, but new leaks and real photos should come in the coming months or weeks as we approach January.

The Galaxy S10 is expected in the first quarter of next year in three variants, another basic and two higher configuration, with biometrics announced ultrasound on the screen and three rear cameras.

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