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Google fixes the problem with Pixel 4 face recognition

  Google Pixel 4

Recently, problems were reported with the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL face recognition systems, which could allow users to unlock their faces even with their eyes closed.

This error allowed devices to be unlocked when their users slept or when they did not want access. In a statement, Google now states to develop a solution to this problem and soon provide a new update for devices that require the need to open the eyes to unlock the device.

Although a date for the release of this update has not been confirmed, Google suggests that users who wish to have more privacy on their devices in the meantime, enable other unlock methods such as PIN or code.

The update is provided as a new option in Android security settings that allows users to choose whether to unlock their device with their eyes closed or not. The user therefore still has control over whether the unlocking should be done or not. the functionality is activated.

The new Pixel 4 does not have fingerprint readers, and the company has invested everything in the new facial recognition system. We have also checked this with other manufacturers, for example Apple's face recognition on newer models.

Google is making sure your system is safer by using the new radar sensor. This ensures more reliable authentication results and reduces the likelihood of false alarms when unlocking devices.

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