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Higher education: 51,000 new students enrolled and 12,000 skipped – News

According to data released today by the Directorate-General for Higher Education, 50,964 students have entered the national access competition for the 2020/2021 academic year starting this week in most universities.

According to the Directorate General for Higher Education, they are 15% higher than last year and 21% higher than 2015.

However, there were also more students who decided to apply (23% more than last year) and this year nearly 12,000 were not placed as they were able to compete with more than six thousand for the second phase, which starts on Monday vacancies.

In other words, 62,930 students tried their luck that year, 1

1,966 of whom were unable to attend university or college.

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The results of the first phase of the National Competition for Access to Higher Education have been available on the Internet since 00:01 a.m. on Sunday, on the website of the Directorate-General for Higher Education and can also be viewed through the ES Access application available on iOS platforms and Android.

Of the total candidates for the first phase of the competition, 82% were placed, of which 84% were admitted to one of their first three options.

Just over half got a place on the course and institution they wanted: 51% were accepted into their first option.

Expressed as a percentage it is slightly lower than last year (53% of the students were in the 1st option), but in absolute terms this means an increase from around 23,000 to 25,000 students.

Of the 50,000 freshmen, just over 30,000 are enrolled in university education (30,671), while polytechnic institutions will accept about 20,000 new students (20,293).

Both the universities and the polytechnic institutes recorded an increase of around three thousand students compared to the previous year: the universities rose from 27,280 to 30,671 and polytechnic education from 17,220 to 20,293 students.

The Lisbon and Porto regions continue to concentrate almost half of the new students: this year there are 23,916 first-year students, an increase of around three thousand more than in the previous year.

There are also increasing numbers of students choosing institutions in regions with lower demographic pressures: this year there will be 12,314 students (20% more than last year).

In addition, around 10,000 students chose a course at institutions in these regions as their first option, an increase of 28% over the previous year.

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