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Honda is already working on the second electric car and is looking for hydrogen

Honda changes its engine plan. After the debut of his first electric car, other electric vehicles will soon be launched that already use hydrogen.

On the other hand, the manufacturer's investment in diesel engines has ended. The automotive world is changing rapidly and Honda does not want to be left behind!

 Honda already working on the second electric car and winking at hydrogen

Honda when it comes to electric cars is not very developed yet. However, hybrids like the Honda CR-V Hybrid are an interesting proposition and part of the driver's choice.

The first all-electric vehicle of the historic Japanese manufacturer was announced in 2017 as Concept . , It will arrive in Europe in 2020 and reservations can now be made.

Next to the Honda E more electric cars will arrive in the future! The second model of the brand is expected to hit the market in 2022, continuing on its path to electrification. Currently, no further details on this vehicle are known.

We will launch more battery powered products.

| Tom Gardner

The manufacturer's investment in Europe is notorious and makes perfect sense, as it is one of the markets where electro-mobility is most developed and where such developments are likely to continue in the future.

This is also due to regulatory pressure on emissions. The manufacturer sees this as a chance to modernize its engine range including the hybrid.

Hydrogen is also a possibility ...

In addition to battery-powered electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells are still equated! Some manufacturers have opted for this option, but there are still many skeptics, whether they can be used as an alternative or supplement to conventional electric cars.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars may come onto the market, but this is a technology for the next age. We are now focusing on hybrid and electric vehicles.

| Katsushi Inoue

Honda has announced the end of development of its diesel engines and is now focusing on the future! We will look at the vehicles the Japanese manufacturer is launching to reflect the efforts made in this new mobility paradigm.

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