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In the EU, there are dozens of chemicals that pose a risk to human health

The European Union (EU) has been slow to limit or prevent the use of chemicals with identified risks to human health and the environment. It is true that the EU has established a standard for registering, evaluating, authorizing and restricting chemical substances, which is known in the middle under the acronym Reach. A review of the status of this "control system" made a dozen years ago by the Environmental Organizations Network (EEB) shows that there are dozens of hazardous substances in household goods, construction, clothing, other cosmetic industries, and cosmetics be used in other areas and continue to be marketed

. Some of the companies, of almost 22,000 chemicals in 12 years Reach existence, leave no doubt about the importance of this European regulation, which was adopted in 2007 when ECHA was founded. With the avalanche of applications – which has now reached 90 000 dossiers – neither ECHA nor the Member States seem to have the resources needed to carry out the tasks of evaluation, approval and, to a limited extent, the use of products may be detrimental to the health of those working with them at work or in the final consumer environment or even in the environment, according to a list of 46 substances that BSE releases this Tuesday and for which the public is responsible

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