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Is it from the sign Gemini? Meet the predictions of Paulo Cardoso for November

In the last live chat of SELFIE ASTRAL astrologer Paulo Cardoso spoke about the predictions for the natives of the twelve signs for the month of November. Now make the predictions for the sign Gemini.

Paulo Cardoso begins by explaining that the natives will have 100% of their innate qualities between May 22 and June 4: curiosity, communication, formability, versatility …

"It's a good one Time for communication: Problems go through the natives without major consequences and things will be positive during the month of November, "says the astrologer.

Already born between the 5th and 7th of June they should be careful: "They will be a bit idealistic, they will believe in an enchanted prince or make a wonderful contract or make a spectacular deal … do not be so much. […] But that will pass away, for example, those born on the 5th of June will not be like this in December. "

Fortunately, the news for the twins from June 8 to 11 is better, with a prediction corresponding to the first group. Those who were born between the 12th and the 14th of June have benefited the most. "They will come up with innovative ideas, formability, scalability, and much faster learning of subjects they have not understood for a long time … The natives of June 13 and 14 need to be aware of excessive euphoria, however, there is nothing like situations controlled, "explains Paulo Cardoso.

Finally, the astrologer leaves the twins from 15 to 20 June a piece of advice that will be under the influence of Jupiter: "These natives must be especially careful not to go out. Beware of excesses, any kind of excesses. "On the other hand, those born on June 21 have a quiet month.

Watch the full video to learn more about the November predictions for twins.

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