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Ivo Pires regretted his decision on the night of the expulsion!

The Diary of this Monday, 25th of the Program "Who wants to flirt with the Farmer?" counted with regret. In Vinhais Ivo Pires decided to expel Raquel after a moment of complicity that became "in a moment of terror". The 22-year-old played a tasteless, serial horror story, which did not correspond to the goodwill of the farmer. "I may even regret it," says Ivo

"I'm sorry, maybe I'm sorry too," he confessed to the other candidates, Susana and Patrícia . "I wanted to bring them all to the end, that's my way of thinking," he replies to the tenants' questions of the fifth. In addition to the talks, Ivo teaches the competitors to drive a tractor. An activity that motivated her to do the next job: spreading the manure on the ground.

The reflection of João Menezes

In Montemor and already alone with Raissa João Menezes ] reflects the troubled times of the last days. A situation that led to the farmer having a conversation with Liliana in which he was asked to leave the farm. "I even think the air is different now," Raissa confesses to the farmer.

In conversation, the farmer admits the possibility of registering new candidates: "I have 4 free beds, I can receive 4 more guests," he reveals. But the fifth does not stop.

"Wear among women is worldwide"

In the Guard the moods between Soraia and Inês do not seem to be the best. After they left Sandra, the "big friends" are upset. Soraia answers a phone call and makes Inês indignant cook for Ivo alone. "Either he reveals himself or plays the game, from now on we are two and she will only pull for her, that's normal, and he's doing everything to get it," says Soraia. On the other hand, and with harder words, Inês concludes that "she had no idea that she was so sensitive".

Ivo talks to the candidates and minutes later everything is fine. "The friction between women is global, I do not want to call, my strategy is always the same: talking is the way people understand each other," he says.

Paula is jealous of Beatriz

In the Azores Beatrice and Paul had to run after a calf to dine alone in the company of João Bettencourt . Beatriz made the possible and impossible possible and even conquered the possibility of a closer moment with the farmer. At home, Paula questions the farmer after dinner. John says it was "fun" and left Raissa jealous. "Jealous? You had to work hard to get the calf, "he says," The competitor is sad, thoughtful, and leaves the house to shake her head. "If you had something, you do not have to hide it," says Raissa.

Lucky on red in the João Neves farm

In the João Neves farm, the farmer in Elvas decides to bring the competitors onto the market. [1

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