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Juncker admits that "no deal" risk is "very real"

" You will not be surprised to learn that the Prime Minister has informed us that the United Kingdom still wants a deal, but also that this country is using the European Union on October 31 . "is abandoned or without consent," said Jean-Claude Juncker and revealed to the deputies the contents of his Monday talks with the head of government British Boris Johnson

For the President of the European Commission means the position brit unique that "the risk of a" no deal "remains very real". "Maybe this is the decision of the British government, but it will never be the EU's decision, so I prefer to focus on what we can do to reach an agreement, an agreement I find desirable and possible," he said.

In his speech in Strasbourg (France) he confirmed that the main obstacle to communication between Brussels and London remains the protective mechanism for the Irish border, commonly referred to as "backstop".

Juncker urged Boris Johnson to have "no emotional attachment to backstopping," but stated that he "remained faithful to the purposes for which he served," "a physical Border on the island of Ireland ". Ensuring the integrity of the internal market and Ireland's position in this market and North-South cooperation and island economy ", an essential criterion for" peace and stability on the island of Ireland "as enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement". [1

9659002] "That's why I asked the Prime Minister to make concrete, operational and written suggestions on how to reach these goals in an alternative way," he conceded, "as long as this is not the case." do not claim that "real progress has been made".

The President of the Community Executive reaffirmed that the Commission "is ready to work every day to find solutions" to the impasse of " Brexit [19459004″zudurchbrechen] & # 39;.

" I am not sure if we will succeed because we have very little time left but I am sure we should try it. I urged the Prime Minister to clarify the "alternative measures" advocated by the British Government [para substituir o ‘backstop’] and suggested politicizing the negotiations between the EU and the UK, with Michel Barnier and the minister brit & # 39; & # 39; for 19729005] Brexit & # 39; & # 39; for the conduct of the negotiations, so that they are not only held at a technical level, "he said.

Jean-Claude Juncker completed his less harsh intervention for Brexit (19459005) and found that the 27 Member States negotiated with the UK for two and a half years without losing their unity.

"This unit is our most valuable resource and will continue to guide me in the coming weeks, and I am sure that he will continue to lead this House," he concluded.

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