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Lenovo Z6 Pro has four cameras that capture 100 MP photos

The Z6 Pro is the next high-end smartphone from Lenovo and already has a clear release date. However, the company itself publishes valuable information about the device prior to its official presentation. According to Gizmochina one of the brand representatives went to Weibo's Chinese social network and confirmed some details about the camera system of the mobile phone.

According to a teaser published by the company, the Lenovo Z6 Pro is equipped with a back system with four cameras and a 48 MP sensor. The functions of the individual functions are not yet known. However, the company can take pictures of at least 100 MP. With the novelty, the Lenovo Z6 Pro should be the world's first smartphone capable of capturing photos of this quality, adding the power of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855, the top-of-the-line processor. One of the published images also indicates the presence of artificial intelligence in the design of the photos, in addition to a mode called "Hyper Video".

In addition to the details of the camera, the Lenovo executives also released a screenshot of the smartphone in the AnTuTu benchmark, where the Z6 Pro scored 403,077 points in the performance test. The Lenovo Z6 Pro promises to present Caprichar on-screen beyond performance.

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Image: AnTuTu / Weibo

After the recent leak and manufacturer teaser, the device should arrive with a teardrop-shaped notch, which is only part of the top of the screen and its screen should occupy about 90% of the front of the device.

An innovation that is the trend in the market for smartphones and the integrated digital sensor must be present on the screen in the device. Another security technology that can be found in the Lenovo Z6 Pro is a face recognition system.


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The manufacturer did not give any further details about the hardware of the device, but to Gizmochina points out that the device will arrive with up to 12 GB of RAM The Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, also equipped with the Snapdragon 855, has a version with this storage capacity

The Lenovo Z6 Pro will take place on April 23, and the smartphone can be purchased in China through JD.com's e-commerce. The arrival of the device in other markets has not yet been confirmed, but we may receive further news next Tuesday.

Via: Gizmochina

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