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Life on Mars? The NASA probe takes photos of "mushrooms" on the red planet

The NASA spacecraft Curiosity, which investigates the surface of the Red Planet, has found structures that resemble mushrooms. announced the Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science.

The photos show that "mushrooms" grow in sand and rocks.

"There are no geological forces or other abiogenic forces on Earth that can produce hundreds of sedimentary structures in the form of fungi, stalks, trunks, and structures that look like spores on the surrounding surface," said Regina Dass, a microbiologist at the University of Pondicherry in India

"In fact, 15 species were photographed by NASA, which grew on the ground in just three days," Dass said to the Express.

NASA has not yet commented on the study published in the journal.

NASA's fourth spacecraft, Curiosity, landed on August 6, 201

2, after a complex landing operation classified by members, on the surface of the Red Planet of Mission and journalists as "seven minutes of terror".

In recent years, the Rover has successfully accomplished all the important tasks of the mission assigned to it, finding, among other things, traces of the existence of lakes and rivers with hot water on Mars discoveries.

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