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"Married" Lourdes had only one intention in SIC's program – television

Lourdes, the competitor of the SIC program – "Married at First Sight", gives the talk. Everything, because apparently it was not Antonio, the "choice" chosen by the specialists, but also not Paul, the competitor she had chosen.

As the TV7 slides progress, the competitor wanted visibility. and public recognition for starting your own business. "She combined the useful with the agreeable, because what Lourdes wanted was some recognition … and her purpose for participating in the program was that," said a source close to the magazine's competitor.

Make a turnaround at the first ceremony when Lurdes and Paulo assume that they do not want to abort the program, even though they want their partners to be separated. The couple will assume that they want to stay together in the experience and see if their relationship can work. There will be a marriage exchange that has never happened in Portugal.

The same source tells the publication that they are together, but only as part of a friendship: "They no longer experience marriage. Not even the honeymoon, it's more to continue in the program and somehow combine the useful with the pleasant (…) and, despite the hassle, finally segregate one week before the end of the program.

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