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New owner invests 250 million in the construction of the city of Belmiro de Azevedo – real estate

"Jardins Efanor" is the title of the real estate project that will be built in the land known as "Loteamento Efanor" as it is located in an area once inhabited by the factory, in which Belmiro de Azevedo died two years ago took up his work He was involved in the emergence of the Sonae Empire and even gave the property of the family Azevedo the name.

One year after the announcement of the acquisition of the allocation for Sonae Capital for 30 million euros, Grandavenue72 announced on Monday 11 November, by 2025, about 250 million euros in the "largest" a city in a city in Portugal ", as described in the project, which will finally use a large, deserted area in Matosinhos next to NorteShopping, where Belmiro de Azevedo came to idealize a real estate complex that was frozen during the years of the crisis.

Covering a total area of ​​1

20,000 square meters, "Efanor Gardens' services, commerce, hotels and residential areas (60% of the total area) with 400 apartments.

"This is our largest real estate project, respecting the very legacy of the Azevedo family when it was founded. We want the Efanor Garden to be a place of cooperation and cooperation with the highest quality of life. With around 15,000 square meters of green space, they are following the new urban development trends as a privileged area based on the concepts of mobility and sustainability, "said Pedro Rolo, CEO of Invest & Co, the project management company, in a statement. [19659002] According to Invest & Co, the Jardins Efanor project is "pre-sales, with 50% of properties already reserved," predicts "more than 60 T3 and T4 apartments by the end of the first quarter of 2020." [19659002] The promoter of this real estate complex, Grandavenue72, is owned by the Couto family from Telhabel and two international investors – the Swiss Daniel Klein, owner of the Geonosis estate, and the Spaniard Gonzalo Alvargonzalez Figaredo, a member of one of the oldest families Spain and the seaport group Ership

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