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No "miracle solutions" for cyber security in 5G mobile networks

"J There has been a public debate [about cybersecurity on 5G networks, and some of these discussions relate to [criação de] technical standards for operators and diversification of vendors while others stress the need for monitoring and certification measures, "said Julian King in a written statement to Lusa.

He continued, however, "None of these measures [medidas propostas] will be a miraculous solution."

According to Julian King, "5G is not only a complex technology, as billions of connected devices are required, but also the way to one new digital ecosystem. "

it must be decisions ̵

1; decisions that sometimes have to be made by the Member States and not by the industry, "said the EU Commissioner, referring to Witch's permission, which countries could supply some suppliers in the future to exclude them from their markets for security reasons

"In order to remain resilient in a changing geopolitical climate, we need to work together to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities that undermine our collective security and even with Julian King argued, "argued Julian King.

] The EU Commissioner also rejected the existence of a" concept of total technological independence in a global, open and interconnected economy "like that of the EU Cybersecurity after the European Commission March this year had addressed recommendations for action to Member States. This allowed them to exclude "risky" companies from their markets.

Brussels also asked each country to investigate its national risks with 5G, which happened by June last year. now after adoption joint measures to mitigate these threats by the end of the year.

In this analysis of national risks, Member States have discovered the possibility cases of espionage or cyberattacks inter alia from third countries.

The conclusion came at a time when Chinese manufacturer Huawei was at the center of the controversy surrounding alleged espionage. on 5G equipment after US suspicion of backdoor installation became loud and technology rejected it, and repeated the lack of evidence.

Europe is the largest country mer The market of Huawei outside of China. Of the 50 licenses the company has for 5G, 28 are destined for European operators.

In a statement sent to Lusa, Julian King also pointed out that 5G represents a "technological turning point" and therefore emphasized Member States were able to set up a toolbox of possible mitigation measures Say goodbye to cybersecurity for 5G networks ".

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