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Photo gallery: Here comes the first Portuguese offshore wind farm

Windfloat Atlantic will be Portugal's first offshore wind farm. It will have 25 megawatts (MW) spread over three wind turbines, which will be installed in front of Viana do Castelo and connected to the national grid via a submarine cable that REN has commissioned from a Chinese company.

Windfloat is being developed by a consortium led by EDP Renováveis, which also has French Engies, Spanish Repsol and North American Principle Power. The latter was responsible for the original concept of Windfloat: a floating base with a triangular base that facilitates the installation of wind towers on the high seas, where it is not technically feasible to attach solid structures to the seabed.

Portugal's first offshore wind farm has an investment of more than € 1

00 million, which is more expensive than other offshore wind farms in other regions of Europe, where the depth of the sea is lower, allowing support structures of the cheapest wind towers.

Windfloat Atlantic Park will be located 20 kilometers from Viana do Castelo. The three 30 meter high platforms will be 50 meters apart. Two of the platforms were manufactured in the port of Setúbal in Portugal and the third in the ports of Avilés and Ferrol in Spain.

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