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Plasma jet and its aesthetic applications

The plasma jet is a kind of highly energized ionized gas that is formed by the supply of electric current and is able to separate electrons from atoms. It is a European technology that has been popular since 2005 and is in its fourth stage. That is, plasma has a state beyond the gaseous state.

The plasma jet technique is highly effective in combating sagging skin, stretch marks, acne scars and dark circles. In addition, the plasma jet is suitable for improving the appearance of sun and aging spots. It is also capable of promoting the depigmentation of tattoos, softening fine lines and even removing moles and warts from any part of the skin of the human body.

A treatment that can not be overlooked in clinics, offices, rooms, centers and institutes of health and aesthetics. After all, the plasma jet has the advantage that it can be used for a variety of treatments.

Another benefit of the Plasma Jet is that the patient's treatment results at the time of application or after the session is completed cause only minor patient discomfort. , The plasma jet also has the advantage of enabling a long-lasting and even lasting result.

The application of the plasma jet method is only possible with a state-of-the-art and technological electrocautery device such as the KLD Hygiaplasma. which has the great distinguishing feature of offering a wattage of 3 watts. This force is considered the greatest on the market for beauty and aesthetics ever developed in Brazil and even abroad.

The modern KLD device is also known in the aesthetic and therapeutic market because it can ensure a uniform beam control. Plasma at the point where the patient is being treated. Uniform control is due to the continuous, pulsed, one-shot, and plasma evaporation modes of Hygiaplasma.

Two other features of Hygiaplasma are also attracting the attention of beauty professionals and beauty clinics across Brazil. The first feature is the four tip options with three glow tips and one tip for contact technology.

The second quality that stands out on the device is the applicator with a plasma pitch frame and dose-range control keys designed to trigger drug uptake and promote wound healing and skin tissue regeneration.

How does the plasma jet work? The plasma jet, which is also referred to as ionized gas, can be applied without contact directly to the human skin during fulguration.

Direct application is allowed due to the electrical depigmenters of modern feverish treatment European women and men. These depigmenters can influence the type and depth of the action of the plasma jet and only reach the outer skin layer when heated in the Hygiaplasma.

In fact, it occurs almost instantaneously in some patients. Collagen contraction to aid skin rejuvenation, healing and burning of localized fat throughout the human body, where the plasma jet is applied, causing the lifting effect.

After using the Plasma Jet, the skin becomes dry and naturally heals over time. Overall, patients can see effective, long-lasting results, such as smoother, brighter, firmer and less sagging skin, as early as the first week. [19659003] Human skin has paths that are essential for the passage of water and nutrients. These pathways of the human body are closed or clogged over time and due to the natural onset of the aging process. Imbalance in the skin is soon caused, thereby retaining fluids such as sodium and potassium.

Applying the plasma jet to the human skin opens the pathways, rebalancing the clogged pathways and the body. Skin tissue. Then the plasma jet allows a kind of hydration of human skin tissue. The hydration is completely deep and reaches the deepest skin layers, stimulating the production of collagen and new elastic fibers.

Hydration reaches the deepest layers of the human skin. The Hygiaplasma Plasma Jet can rejuvenate the patient's skin. It is a highly effective treatment for removing dyschromia, warts, acne scars and stretch marks.

The Hygiaplasma Plasma Jet can continue to be used to lighten and remove tattoos and to precisely combat and prevent sagging skin. for improving and improving damaged skin, for moisturizing human skin in the deepest layers.

Hygiaplasma, with the goal of achieving the most effective result on the market, offers four top options. One tip is for the contact technique and the other three tips are designed for fulguration. The tips supplied with the modern device are: needle support tip (especially for annealing with disposable electrolift needles); Conical tip (used to enhance illumination, but with a concentration of light energy); Even apex (concentrating energy is lower on fulguration, but smaller in aggression with larger diameter) and finally the spherical tip (in contact or plasma application).

The four tips demonstrate the versatility of Hygiaplasma The therapist and beautician can apply up to five plasma jet techniques to the patient's skin, z (removing part of the tissue from the skin without causing injury.) And contact application (sliding Gently use the larger diameter tip.)

All the functions of the efficient Hygiaplasma are combined in its modern, compact, almost swaying designer. 3kg Hygiaplasma therefore allows installation in any environment where an electrical system is present.

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