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Portuguese gaming accessory brand that will change the market

The games market is an area of ​​ever more interesting proposals. The different brands want to offer players the best accessories and guarantee the best performance.

In the midst of this ever-widening supply, there is now a new brand that has been completely created in Portugal. The MATRICS was unveiled today and Pplware was at Moche XL eSports to attend to his birth.

 MATRICS Games for Gamer Accessories Portuguese

MATRICS was officially unveiled at the Moche XL eSports event for all "and offers an overarching range of gaming products with maximum specs per item that the national offer The catalog focuses on the quality of finishes and performance at the most competitive prices in the market.

The range of accessories depends on the needs of the players, so we can ensure the arrival of keyboards, mice, Seeing chairs, monitors, headphones, and more, it's a varied offering in a market that is constantly improving and changing.

 MATRICS Gamer Accessories Games Portuguese

The process that leads to Development of MATRICS products always begins with its users, the players.

The products are subject to quality control by a sp Portuguese team that stages the design, conception, specification, testing and validation of the developed prototype

 MATRICS Gamer Accessories Games Portuguese

Matrics is a game brand of Interplay Lda., a reference company based on the Field of consumer electronics.

The initial goal is to focus on the national players and to strengthen themselves in our market.

 MATRICS Gamer Accessories Games

Portuguese gamers can now sit back in a comfortable leather armchair with a 180-degree elevator Class 4 and four-way adjustable arms, the throne. In this way, they can enjoy their favorite video games and electronic sports with just 1 microsecond response time in the MATRICS 24-inch flat-panel gaming stand.

You can predict at least 50 million clicks in the complement for the phantom, a mechanical keyboard with optical switch that represents the future of this peripheral product. These are some of the highlights of the extensive brand portfolio.

 MATRICS Gamer Accessories Games Portuguese

In Portugal, the games market in 2018 was estimated to have a value of about 265 million euros from Newzoo. In this area, MATRICS will position itself to offer the best product offering at the fairest and most affordable price.

MATRICS products show the increased care taken by the brand in its creation and construction. Everything shows that there is room to grow and become a benchmark. Being a Portuguese game, players can benefit even more. MATRICS

MATRICS Product Gallery

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