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PSP official with headshot found in the Braga squad


Case is under investigation, but everything indicates that it was a suicide attempt

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Joaquim Gomes

Braga's PSP day officer, on duty on Tuesday, was found shot in the student office this morning.

The Braga Judicial Police murder brigade is already in critical condition at the Braga Hospital to investigate the circumstances in which the shot was fired. All are in the emergency room / resuscitation of the Hospital of Braga.

A team of INEM psychologists from the Regional Delegation North has arrived at the Hospital de Braga for some time and is currently helping a doctor with the relatives of the State Security Police, based in Figueiredo, Braga.

David Fernandes is a member of the Police Officers' Union and attended the Nursing Promotional Course. The newspaper contacted several comrades this morning. I agreed that "Commissioner David Fernandes has been very dissatisfied lately. Professional inquiries," which do not disclose exactly which motives would concern him, but add that information is collected about the situation of the official Braga PSP that we have in to publish tomorrow's printed edition in 1965
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