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Ranger competition for people with acne or toothless – The Economic Journal

Have you applied for one of the 200 Ranger positions for the National Republican Guard (GNR)? If you are pregnant or have HIV, you are considered "unfit" and should be excluded from the selection process. This is what was defined in the competition launched in February this year, in which 2591 people participated, reported Jornal de Notícias.

The selection and screening rules are the same as for the GNR application, except for pregnant women and those with psoriasis, allergic rhinitis or acne, as well as persons suffering from "sweat gland disease" or "loss of more than 5% Teeth that are not replaced by a prosthesis – or […] less than 20 natural teeth (except for

Anyone who has tattoos or signs of skin deformities, scars, pigmentation changes, alopecia, or other processes that by their characteristics and location Facilitate identification., Will also be ruled out

Orlando Gonçalves, responsible for matters pertaining to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) in the National Federation of Sindic (FNSTFPS) argues in a statement to the newspaper Público that these rules "at least unions are unconstitutional. "

The union leader considers many of the conditions described as" ridiculous " "All these demands, as well as the evidence the candidates have to perform, will result in many of them being excluded. I do not know that warning made it feel like the GNR wanted a pure Aryan race like Hitler in the 1

940s. What difference does it make that candidates have tattoos or skin marks that make them recognize? Despite the call for tenders for this process, the head of the FNSTFPS tells the newspaper "Public" that this body does not intend to hold a competitive bid to stop the new competition. Ranger is long overdue. The exception is when one of the candidates feels individually discriminated and decides to proceed with the lawsuit. When unions are asked to intervene, they can act.

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