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Recruitment of new physicians to strengthen the CHEDV specialties


Last Friday, the Ministry of Health published a notice in the Diário da República, announcing a national competition for the recruitment of 1

,264 physicians to strengthen the National Health Service's facilities. 398 for family physicians, 13 in public health and 853 in hospital.

The strengthening of clinical features of the hospital center between Douro and Vouga (CHEDV) is considered in this process and the awarding of contracts 17 new specialists for the integration of teams of medical and surgical specialties of the institution: Of the 17 vacancies Two were in internal medicine, general surgery, paediatrics and clinical pathology, while the other disciplines considered were open-label.

Miguel Paiva, Chair of the CHEDV Board of Directors, said: "Recruitment of new physicians for these 13 disciplines will be carried out In order to strengthen the institution's ability to respond to the needs of our population, he continued," Our goal is To improve the service and to ensure the further development of compliance with the maximum response times, so that patients in our region have access to consultations and operations within the statutory deadlines. "In addition, the reinforcement of the framework allows current professionals better working conditions and rejuvenation of the teams. This is a very valuable aspect, which gives the young doctors we train the opportunity to settle in the institution, "said Miguel Paiva in

The CHEDV" has a total of 14 medical and nine surgical specialties and at the same time provides the Operation of the emergency services in its three hospitals certainly ", it is called further

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