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Recycled plastic device detects HIV within minutes

With the small device for only 5 USD, the user can make his own diagnosis.

British designer Hans Ramzan has developed a device that identifies HIV in minutes. The easy-to-use, cost-effective device and the test can be done at home to quickly identify the disease.

Catch, the self-diagnostic kit made from recycled plastic, is a viable and affordable solution for people. You need to know if you have HIV immediately without having to go to hospital or living in a remote area due to lack of resources.

"HIV is the leading cause of death in over 90% of developing countries," explains Ramzan. "Every year, two and a half million people get infected with the virus, and because of many external factors that are usually out of the control of individuals, people often live with unnoticed HIV until it becomes AIDS ̵

1; the terminal stage – this cost-effective device allows for easy blood collection Individuals wishing to study HIV. "


To use Catch, simply slide your finger onto a sleeve of the device coated with disinfectant. After pressing a pipette on the device, the skin is pierced with a needle. When the pipette is released, it collects blood.

When you press the lock button on the side of the device, the needle is released and blood flows into the absorption indicator. This in turn detects antibodies in the blood, with two lines being displayed: one indicates that the test works, and a second if there are anti-HIV antibodies. The following video will help explain how Catch works:

"Due to the limited infrastructure in many developing countries, people can sometimes live within miles of the substation or hospital." explains Ramzan. "Catch can make sure this trip is not wasted and allows for a simple blood collection process."

According to Ramzan, the device costs about $ 5 and is in the testing phase. He explains that the device can withstand extreme temperatures for months without affecting the diagnostic kit or the test result. Now he is looking for companies that are interested in making it on a large scale.


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