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Rio Claro has 1,155 dengue cases

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The approach of the rainy season requires increased community attention in clearing up breeding areas.

One dengue case was recorded in Rio Claro during the week. With this, the community adds 1,155 confirmations of the disease this year, in which to date there are no records of Zika virus, chikungunya and yellow fever, diseases that are also transmitted by Aedes aegypti. Despite the slowdown in the pace of dengue cases, the city health department is warning local residents to redouble their diligence in controlling the transmitted mosquito, largely because the rainy season is about to begin.

Aedes aegypti reproduces in still water. That is why it is important to get rid of the containers and always keep the shipyards tidy. The accumulation of rubbish and refuse encourages the spread of Aedes and the vacant lots and public roads must also always be clean. The community must properly dispose of any material that may collect water and help the mosquito reproduce. The Rio-Clarenses rely on garbage collection in all parts of the city, seven eco-points, selective garbage collection and a monthly collection service.

Some of the community’s actions are fundamental to the fight against the mosquito that carries dengue, including putting sand in the plates of the plant pots. Cover buckets and basins; Keep the tires in a covered place. Leave bottles with their mouths turned downwards; Clean gutters so as not to accumulate water; Treat pool water and fountains with suitable products; Clean the water tanks and keep them tightly closed; and wash animal drinkers regularly with soap and water.

Preventive measures continue to be carried out across the city. Preventive work includes home visits, fogging and inspections at strategic points.

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