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Rio Preto reaches 24.3 thousand cases of dengue fever

  The patient traveled to the interior of São Paulo in the Araraquara region, an area that is considered endangered.


Dengue-Avana inside SP

The city of São José do Rio Preto SP has 24,300 cases of dengue this year and tops the list of the disease in the state. In terms of the number of deaths, Bauru comes first with 28 confirmed deaths. The figure represents nearly 1

0% of all deaths caused by dengue fever this year. According to the Ministry of Health, 295 people have died of mosquito-borne diseases in Brazil since January .

In Rio Preto, 2,536 new cases were confirmed in the city in one week. The current numbers of the disease were released on Friday, the 14th by the health department of the community. There are also 3,733 cases investigated. Rio Preto also counts 12 dengue deaths this year. This year's epidemic is already the heaviest in history and has in some cases surpassed the big epidemic of 2010, when the city had 24,296 cases.

Bauru has confirmed 2,491 new cases in one week and seven more deaths. According to a report released on Friday, there are now 22,484 cases and 28 deaths. The Ministry of Health reported that the cases occurred between the end of January and the 20th of April this year, but only now are the results of the tests available. According to the agency, most deaths occurred in the elderly and in people with chronic diseases.

Dengue fever also occurs in other inland cities. In Marília in the same region, the first death of a 78-year-old man was confirmed on Friday. The city has 1,004 confirmed cases of the disease.

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