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Russia considers US superconscious dangerous – News

"If you are aware of your vulnerability and want to maintain the balance and security of all people, you need to use your head. However, if you believe that the balance of power is in your favor, you can make any decision, even the most irrational, "he said Threat and not just for Russia. "

This is exacerbated by the US exit from the major nuclear weapons deals, missile defense, and more recently from the mid- and long-range missile agreement. This makes the situation more unpredictable, he recalled.

The Russian Minister also recalled that, given the current state of computerization and automation, the likelihood of errors in weapons control systems is high and computer security increasingly important.

The holder of the defense portfolio stated that Western intelligence services receive hundreds of daily Intercepting Hacking Trials: The Illegal Communication System of the Russian Armed Forces.

"The West g Matures into all affairs of the army and does so without ceremony or shame. There are hundreds of attempts every day to penetrate our communication networks. "

Sergey Shoigu also reported that" on orders from abroad "some people were looking for information about family members of members of special military troops who died in the course of their duties. The Ministry of Defense and the armed forces are the subject of constant slander in the press ,

"We have either allegedly attacked a hospital or are preparing to attack a country," he said. US President Donald Trump said he has "many options" to respond to Iran's attacks responsible for oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

"There are many possibilities." There is the final option, but there are other options as well, "said Donald Trump, pointing out the possibility of a military intervention against Iran, a solution the US President wished to exclude in recent days.

The United States Tuesday said they were confident that the attack on Saudi Arabia's main oil factories was Iran's responsibility on Saturday the previous day, but Donald Trump said he did not want to go to war, although he admitted a decisive response against Tehran.

] "If we have to do something [contra o Irão] we will do it without hesitation," Trump said in a statement to reporters in Los Angeles, California, flanked by his newly appointed National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien.

] Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif believes Washington is "deliberately attacking civilians by tightening sanctions"

The United States introduced economic sanctions against Iran in 201

8 when they resigned from the agreement, with Tehran continuing to do so in 2015 Members of the UN Security Council (US, UK) did not respect signed nuclear agreements. Great Britain, Russia, France, China) and the European Union.

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