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Samsung reveals one of the biggest dangers of smart TVs

D If you believe that only smartphones and computers are at risk of virus attack. This is a risk that affects all devices connected to the Internet, including your Smart TV. This is the case that has earned the attention of Samsung, who has a & # 39; tweet & # 39; has published to warn this, says The Verge.

"It's important to scan your computer for viruses to work properly, including your QLED TV when connected to Wi-Fi! Prevent malicious software attacks on your TV by hitting them all analyze it for a few weeks. "You can read this in the tweet deleted by Samsung.

It's not known why Samsung released this tweet, or even delete it, because there's a risk that smart TVs are actually infected with viruses. Given that today's televisions are equipped with microphones and cameras, this is a fact that you should consider.

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