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Santos Silva says there are no life-threatening victims and Portuguese injured are "stable"

The two Portuguese wounded in a Madeira tourist bus accident "are stable" and there are no life-threatening victims, Foreign Minister and Vice-President of the Regional Government assured today Just minutes after landing in Madeira, Minister Augusto said Santos Silva, the information available to him, reads: "Currently no person is in mortal danger."

At the same time Vice President of the Government

Asked about the seriousness of the injuries of the two Portuguese victims, Pedro Calado noted that these two persons are also not life threatening.

"One is the driver who is stable, we will be with him soon, the other Portuguese victim was the leader, has more care and has received this treatment, but is also stable," said the official.

Regarding foreign victims, the vice-president of the regional government noted "medically" "

" They are treated surgically, those who need it, and this morning we paid a visit and spoke with the vast majority of them , "

Pedro Calado also assured" those in need of follow-up have this.

"The medical services have worked as they should. In fact, people see human surveillance as a very positive treatment, and ultimately in the context and possibilities that exist, and the circumstances, things work very well. "

Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva arrived in Madeira shortly thereafter

From the airport, the governor went to the hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça and will return to the airport to meet the German colleague who arrives at the airport [1

9659002] One of the victims died at Funchal Central Hospital.

At least 29 people died Wednesday afternoon in Santa Cruz, Madeira, in an accident involving a bus carrying German tourists, where 28 were wounded, two of them Portuguese.

The deadly victims, 11 men and 18 women, are all Germans.

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