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Selena Gomez raves about Justin Bieber's flash-like engagement

Singer Selena Gomez opened her heart in an interview with Ryan Seacrest about the relationship between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

This week Selena Gomez released the song "Love You to Lose Me", which was much commented on: after all, the text of the theme for most of the fans of the singer was full of splinters for Justin Bieber. It is recalled that Selena Gomez was with the interpreter of "Baby", the relationship ended in March 2018 and the singer married model Hailey Baldwin Bieber just two months later.

On the 24th, Selena Gomez interviewed Ryan Seacrest and went into Justin Bieber's lightning engagement, which motivated the writing of "Love You to Lose Me." "I think it's worse than a breakup to see this person we've been so seriously involved in a different relationship with recently," said Ryan Seacrest, who is quoted on the website of the publication "Elle". And Selena Gomez agreed with the moderator.

"This is the most unfortunate part of my job and the fact that it's famous, everything was very true to me, but I'm sure it was just entertainment for other people, I think I was anesthetized, and it was would be stupid of me if I did not realize what I was feeling because it was not true, and that's all I'm claiming to be and doing [ser autêntica] said the singer.

I know that there are thousands there are people, men and women who have already felt this, and it is extremely real, and in the midst of social networks and everything, whether you are in my position or that of the other person, you will always find that negative space That's why sometimes I have to step back and focus only on what I do, "continued Selena Gomez. 1


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