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"She should rather be quiet" – The TV

They are known, they are friends and Luciana Abreu has already been interviewed in the program. However, Cristina Ferreira and Cláudio Ramos believe that the controversy surrounding Yannick Djaló and the actress of SIC, in which the two daughters they have in common, has already overcome all borders and left a council for the EU in the air Lyannii.

"She's acting a bit ugly, I know she's our friend, but we, our friends, have to tell the truth," he began, referring to the commentator on the & # 39; Red Crosswalk & # 39 ;, SIC Caras, in the edition of & # 39; Cristina's Program & # 39; on Thursday. , The host of the SIC morning format could not agree anymore.

"I feel she has no one to tell her … We, who like her, can give her a tip here, she should not say these things better, do not give these interviews," she replied Cristina Ferreira. Cláudio Ramos completed the considerations of his colleague.

Remembers the two stories that have led to another controversy:

Luciana Abreu prepares a macabre plan to turn daughters against her own father [1

9659006] Luciana Abreu will not give Djaló a new opportunity with to be with their daughters

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