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Stadia is not a Netflix of games, but a PlayStation Plus

While this may come as no surprise to those who follow the news about Google Stadia, the service is not a Netflix game. At least for the Pro version, the most correct analogy would be a service like Sony's PlayStation Plus.

Recently verified by the Google Product Director. Stadia

 Netflix Games for PlayStation Plus and Google Stadia Pro

Andrey Doronichev, the manager in question, gave an introduction to enthusiasts via the platform Reddit . There we have a series of answers to clarify all the main doubts previously raised. That's why we have official confirmations here.

The Google Stadia "Pro" is not the Netflix of the Games!

These were the exact words of the Google manager comparing the service to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. For subscribers of the service we offer streaming on 4K / HDR as well as 5.1-channel audio playback. In addition, we have exclusive discounts for some games.

There were still some doubts about service coming up next November. In fact, one of the most poignant was the actual split and actual differences between Google Stadia Base's and "Pro's" plans, and that's where the person responsible for Google Stadia caught the eye


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