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Strong earthquake in France injured at least 4

According to the French earthquake service, at 11:52 am (10:52 am in Lisbon), near Montélimar in Drôme, Richter experienced a magnitude 5.4 earthquake. The quake had an epicenter 11 kilometers from Montélimar, but was felt in Lyon, the Rhone Valley, part of the Occitania region and even in Montpellier.
In Montélimar, according to the municipality of Drôme, a person was severely injured and sent to hospital for scaffolding.

Already in the Ardèche region, the mayor of the social network Twitter wrote that three people were marginal Wounds during the earthquake.
According to the municipality of Ardèche, the injuries occurred after they panicked.

The congregation also asked the inhabitants of Le Teil to stay in front of their homes. The community opened three pavilions to welcome citizens.

The concussion was found in a large area in the southeast of the country, from Lyon to Montpellier (south zone), but the damage seems limited at present to be. ,

The communities in which the trembling was felt describe the moment and share images of the effects of this earthquake in social networks.

"It took five seconds, but everything trembled around me: the furniture, the walls, as if an airplane had fallen 800 meters or it was a big explosion," Montelimar Kevin Cuer told French Presses.

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