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Tax Refund Canceled in France Following Protest Against Yellow Vests

N On Tuesday, the French government announced a six-month suspension of fiscal measures to come into force on January 1, 2019.

a move that led to violent protests last weekend in Paris, with around a hundred wounded and hundreds injured.

The French press now assumes that the tax that led to the protests will not only be suspended during the year

The "overthrow" of the measure will be supported by Marc Fesneau, a minister who holds the authority of Parliament has confirmed. He said: "The government will not restore the fuel tax increase in the Assembly National," as reported by Le Parisien

. The past weekend in France was marked by violent protests from the so-called Yellow West Movement. In Paris there was disobedience and vandalism in the Arc de Triomphe

. Despite some concerns over extremist groups joining the protest, it is true that the majority of the French public understood the reasons for the protests. ,

Yesterday, as he announced the six-month suspension of the measure, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe emphasized that "no tax deserves to jeopardize unity". the nation. "With this decision, the French government is returning to one of the reforms that it wanted to approve.

This concession by the French executive is also a means to appease the protests of the yellow jackets that were mobilized online and move on after 1

7 The tax on fuel for the ecological transition acted as a sort of "water drop that flooded the glass", and sat down in a greater dissatisfaction of the French over the fall of their purchasing power.

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