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Tesla expands service network in Europe and Portugal gets a new center in Porto

In Portugal, Tesla has only one service center in Lisbon. However, this lack of more customer care places leads to a natural dissatisfaction with the waiting time. Now the Californian company will expand its service network in Europe. Dozens of new facilities are reportedly planned to reduce long waiting times.

Of course, Tesla will build another center in our area.

Portugal will build a Tesla technical center to the north.

Tesla is increasing the number of service centers around the world. This is a necessity to better serve your customers. One of the problems of the brand is the difficulty and the widespread complaints.

In addition, Tesla changed its customer service center guidelines with the launch of Model 3, which offers significantly more revenue. , In these circumstances, however, it will be necessary to open up dozens of new service centers in Europe in addition to the expansion of the charging network. These centers not only serve their customers, but also provide a solid and consolidated brand image and help broaden the customer base.

The paradigm has changed. The customer service required for Model S or Model X is insufficient to meet the needs of thousands of Model 3 owners. The reality of this new model is different, more demanding, and the CEO himself admits. 19659002]

Delays and excessive waiting times punish Tesla customers.

Tesla's service capacity is not as advanced as its production and distribution capacity. In fact, Tesla began solving this problem shortly after the launch of Model 3. It was found that the service has deteriorated and in many cases the lead times of customers have been delayed by weeks. This has significantly increased network disruption and complaints.

In Norway, one of Tesla's key electric vehicle markets per capita was already affected by this mistake last year. In this sense, this reality could be an example of what will happen with the introduction of the new models in the rest of the world.

Tesla will have more centers, says Elon Musk.

Given this scenario, Tesla thought it would solve the problem by Elon Musk late last year. This was in itself to admit some flaws in service and to announce a significant change in coverage. At that time, the strategy was to stop using new service centers and focus on increasing the capacity of existing service centers. It did not dissolve, the measures were unsuccessful and the problems continued.

As a result, the CEO set a very aggressive timeline for resolving the problem in the US and set the end of 2019 as the deadline for the rest of the countries. This is not to say that the Tesla people in the world are overzealous and may go beyond our basic principles, which is why I am dealing with them.

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 14, 2019 [19659017] Elon has used Twitter more extensively to emphasize that the expansion of the Tesla service is progressing at "top speed." In this way, owners can find new service centers in Europe.

The electric car company is planning dozens of new service centers whose location can be seen on the following map (new gray and existing red centers). Thus, Porto will have a new technical center in Portugal that does not require a trip to Lisbon.

The ideal future was to have fewer centers and more reliability in cars.

Elon Musk is known for her trust in her products. The attitude that it shows is thus clearly the reversal of the current scenarios. The brand boss wants in the future fewer centers and more trouble-free cars. If cars have no problems, the workload will be significantly reduced.

This is not the case today. Like other manufacturers, Tesla has to provide a high quality service to serve the customer with a broken car. Moreover, as things stand today, it has spread across countries in regions serving the population. You can not move a customer 400 or 500 kilometers to be served.

In addition, these facilities are a brand image that attracts buyers and stimulates demand.

That means customers feel more comfortable buying a model with a center and a service network behind it. This makes it possible to quickly repair the car without any additional effort.

Musk nevertheless knows that the trump cards are more technical centers and more compressors. This will help Tesla increase its customer base.

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