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Tesla sells five cars a day in Portugal and is already a tram champion

The American Tesla proves to be a phenomenon of popularity in Portugal, where its market share is well above Tesla's average share in the European car market. The latest data released by ACAP – Automobile Association of Portugal shows that the all-electric vehicle brand sells five units a day on the national market.

From January to August, Tesla sold in Portugal 1321 cars (ACAP has no information in the same period last year) an average of 5.5 vehicles per day. This resulted in a market share of 0.83% in the first eight months of the year (compared to total sales). According to consultant Jato, Tesla had a European market share of 0.54% in the first half of the year.

In August alone, sales were lower than most brands in the rest of the year. The company led by Elon Musk sold 66 cars in Portugal in August.

Tesla has been the best-selling electric car brand in Portugal for several months and surpasses other manufacturers that have been in the business for years in this country, such as Nissan (with its Leaf model) and Renault (with Zoe). Not surprising given the higher price of Tesla vehicles.

The most popular model of the American brand, the Model 3 (with a range of over 400 kilometers), is distributed by Tesla in Germany Portugal starts with 52 thousand euros, the model S (with more than 600 autonomous kilometers) already costs almost 90 Thousand euro.

For the first eight months of the year, Tesla is the 22nd best-selling brand in Portugal, immediately followed by Mini and followed by Jeep. Further down in the ACAP sales chart are other top-priced brands such as Jaguar (602 cars sold in Portugal until August), Porsche (402 units) and luxury brands (and to a lesser extent) like Ferrari (1

9) this year vehicles sold), Bentley (18), Lamborghini (16), Maserati (15) and Aston Martin (6).

In absolute terms, the bestselling small car brand in Portugal remains the French Renault (21,000 units through August), despite a 15% decline over the previous year. Peugeot ranks second with a plus of 2.1% (almost 17,000 cars sold in the first eight months of the year). The podium closes with Mercedes, which declined slightly compared to the previous year by 0.1% (after more than 11,000 cars had been sold in Portugal by August).

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