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Tesla will introduce its cybertruck truck on November 21st

Tesla may have been instrumental in the popularization of electric vehicles, but it is not the first – nor is it the only one – on the market. The brand, which did not yet have a model for pickup trucks, promised to be introduced to the region sometime in the future. Fortunately, the arrival is this month.

Elon Musk, who is known as company spokesman, is still puzzling, but thrilled the fans of the brand. "Cybertruck will be unveiled on November 21 in the SpaceX missile factory in Los Angeles," he said in a tweet.

The big expectation of the Tesla truck is its appearance. According to the CEO himself, it will be "full of titanium" ̵

1; resulting in a unique metallic body look that resembles futuristic films. The concept of the vehicle has existed since 2013 and should be launched in early 2019. However, Elon Musk announced the shift to November months prior to that date.

Like all of the company's products, the vehicle will not be of modest value and will reach a range of $ 50,000 and a different battery life. It is speculated that the most expensive model will be powered by a twin-engine set and will carry up to 150,000 kilograms.

Coincidentally or not, Tesla will unveil the Los Angeles Auto Show on the same day. At this event, Ford is expected to finally launch its Mustang-based electric vehicle.

It remains to be seen until the 21st is waiting for news and whether the look will be truly impressive, as the CEO claims.

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