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The Brexit "is a tragic moment for Europe," says Jean-Claude Juncker – News

The President of the European Union (EU), who resigned on 31 October, argues: "Brexit contradicts the sense of history and spirit of Churchill, who defended the United States in his day.

"I believe we still have a chance to reach an agreement," Juncker describes his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson last Monday in Luxembourg as "constructive and partially positive."

"I do not share that Imagining who thinks Johnson is playing with us and himself I think it is trying to find an agreement that is acceptable to both the British and the European Parliament. "

During the interview, Juncker also expressed regret that the Commission has decided not to intervene in 201

6 when The UK has held a referendum on EU accession and nearly 52% of voters have voted to quit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is convinced that changes in the EU can be achieved Exit Agreement signed in November by Brussels and its predecessor Theresa May, nl I replace the backstop and agreement on the European summit.

If you can not reach an agreement or obtain approval from Parliament by October 19 Johnson for a no-deal exit, Johnson must comply with the law requiring the government to postpone the three-month postponement until January 31 has to apply.

Another shift in the & # 39; Br The departure, originally scheduled for 29 March, requires the unanimous assent of the remaining 27 EU Member States, which will meet at the European Council on 17 and 18 October.

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