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The chocolate abused? Nutritionist creates post-Easter detox menu

For many people, it can be difficult to avoid some excesses during Easter, especially with the large supply of chocolates. "Although chocolate has many beneficial properties, the hyperbole is never healthy," emphasizes São Cristóvão Saúde Group's nutritionist Cintya Bassi, who developed a detoxification menu after the holiday

Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC): The average consumption of chocolate in 2018 exceeds 5 kg per person in Greater Sao Paulo. São Cristóvão Saúde's nutritionist Cintya Bassi explains that one of the main reasons for this appeal to chocolate is that it acts as a kind of natural antidepressant. "Chocolate causes the nervous system to release stimulating substances, resulting in moments of intense pleasure," he says.

She explains that chocolate is often considered a bad guy because it contains a lot of saturated fat and sugar. However, it also has nutrients and vitamins that make the body very good, especially when we make the right choice of chocolates with higher cocoa content and lower fat and sugar content. "Chocolate is rich in phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium and contains magnesium, manganese, vitamins A, D and E as well as the B complex," says Cintya

. The solution is not exaggerated according to the expert. "If we eat a lot in a short time, we overload the body with toxins that cause symptoms such as fatigue, poor digestion, headaches, weakening of the immune system, etc."

Thinking, the nutritionist of the São Cristóvão group prepared a three-day detox menu. "Consumption recommendations emphasize easy-to-digest foods, low allergenic potential, and healing properties on the liver and bowel, organs responsible for the metabolism of most nutrients," he says. (1


Dried milk (1 unit)

Dried milk (1 unit)

First day


1 cheese bread (1 unit)

Lettuce of the morning:

Pineapple sprinkled with mint (1 large slice)


Almond salad with grated carrot (1 saucer)

Brown rice (3 tablespoons)

Beans (2 tablespoons)

Braised cabbage (3 Tablespoon)

Grilled chicken fillet (1 piece)

Orange (1 piece

Salad with tomatoes, watercress and garlic (1 saucer)

Lemon (1 teaspoon)

Afternoon snack:

Juice of Acerola (1 cup)


(1 unit)

Pear (1 unit small)

Last Supper: Green Tea (1 tablespoon)

Lentils (2 soup cabbage)

Cup Tea)

Second day

Breakfast: [

Watermelon juice with ginger (1 slice)

Red fruit jelly light (1 Col Soup)

Natural yoghurt with half quinoa (1 copy)

Morning snack:



Rocket salad with onions (4 leaves)

Olive oil (1 tablespoon)

Brown rice with saffron (3 col. (1 tablespoon)

Beans (2 tablespoons)

Beans (2 tablespoons)

Beans (2 tablespoons)

Beans (2 tablespoons)

] Afternoon snack:

Papaya (1 slice thick )


Vegetable soup with whole noodles (1 deep bowl)

Kiwi (1 medium unit)

1 cup of tea)

Third day


Tapioca stuffed with white cheese (1 piece)

Grape juice (1 cup)

Beet salad with onions (1 sour)

Olive oil (1 teaspoon)

Whole grain rice (3 tablespoons)

Morning snack:

Melon (1 slice)


Pomegranate (1 slice)

Pomegranate (2 tablespoons)

Chicken with sauce (2 small pieces)


Integral biscuit ( 2 a

Grated red cabbage (2 leaves)

Coconut water (1 cup)

Dinner (complete salad):

[19659002] White tea (1 unit)

White tea (1 unit)

White tea (1 unit)

Smoked turkey breast in strips (50 g)

Mustard sauce and yoghurt

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