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The Estonian health system is fully connected

The Estonian health system and the other procedures used in the country are all computerized. When a patient is seen at a ward located in different parts of Estonia, his or her data will be saved so that he or she can be consulted on the next visit. And this happens in both public and private units.

Since the arrival of the citizen in the health center, every doctor who has access to the case knows exactly where he went, what procedures he went through and what tests he performed. This greatly facilitates the work of healthcare professionals as the processes become more appealing and the diagnosis becomes more accurate as access to information is expanded.

The main public hospital in the capital Tallinn is the Northern Medical Center of Estonia. Residents from all over the country can be transferred to this unit for treatment. Complex cases, even if they come from certain clinics, are often treated there.

In this center, operations are often planned virtually in advance. In procedures that require guidance, such as For example, in Skull cuts, you can use this advance planning to create a custom model on a 3D printer. This increases the accuracy of the operation and shortens the time spent in the operating room.

It also facilitates collaboration between professionals because the entire medical history is online. If necessary, different doctors can give their opinion on the best treatment option. The result of adopting all these technologies is higher operational efficiency, faster patient recovery and lower costs.

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