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The government gives 250 euros for the purchase of electric bicycles and increases the check-in car – Observer

The government wants to encourage citizens to opt for the purchase of zero emission vehicles. The support announced this Thursday by the executive is granted for the purchase of electric bicycles and electric cars.

With regard to the past year the support for electric bicycles is the big news. In this case, regardless of the value of the purchase, government support amounts to EUR 250 . However, according to the Economic Journal, this incentive, based on the Environmental Fund, is limited to 1000,900 on Thursday.

According to Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition, to receive the seller must submit "an owner provided evidence of the use of the electric bicycle" for use in the city / in the city, but not for bicycles intended for athletic purposes For cross-country or mountain routes, or "

State Secretary for Mobility and Mobility, José Mendes, quoted by the business paper, added that the aim was to select bicycles for daily use ." We should have bicycles

The platform for submitting applications for the purchase of electric vehicles will be available from next Monday order of submission. to fill out the form online on the website of the Environmental Fund.

This incentive applies externally ch for those who have bought e-bikes since January 1

, which can also be registered

Car support was already implemented by the government last year but is now being modified from the 2018 rules: It will be available. more money per car . The financial support per vehicle for private persons increases by 750 EUR ie to 3 000 EUR . The highest priced vehicles, priced from € 62,500, are no longer supported by the state. The Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition justifies the decision that "anyone who buys cars above this value will do so regardless of support."

Another change is the number of cars companies could apply for. So far, companies with five vehicles have been eligible for funding from the Environmental Fund; Today this number goes to four without the value changes per car, which is 2250 euros.

In total, the government provides a maximum of 2.65 million for the purchase of electric cars and 250 thousand dollars for the purchase of electric bicycles. For low-emission cars 883 checks amounting to € 3 thousand are issued. At the financing of electric bicycles one thousand taxpayers will benefit from this state support.

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