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The low vaccine demand may bring back the epidemic of 2018

After nearly ten days of the campaign, 16.53% of the children were vaccinated, 22.88% of the puerperas and 25.23% of the pregnant women of the capital

  Low vaccine demand may bring back the epidemic of 2018
flu vaccine | Photo: Reproduction

National Influenza Vaccination Campaign, funded by
Goiânia Municipal Health Service (SMS) started on the last day of October
April During these nearly ten days of vaccination, however, demand was low
as far as the secretariat is concerned.

The partial balance 17 published on Wednesday shows that the demand of the population for the resource is low. In total, 32,888 doses were used in the first week of the campaign.

According to the timetable proposed by the Ministry of Health, the first target groups are children from 6 months to less than 6 years, pregnant and in the puerperal area. Of these groups, 16.53% of the children, 22.8% of the puerperas and 25.23% of the pregnant women.

Flúvia Amorim, Chief Superintendent of Health Surveillance, said that the number of cases of influenza was low this year as the vaccine coverage last year was satisfactory.

For this reason, the vaccine is indispensable for the whereabouts of the population
immune to the virus. "The population needs to improve the demand for the vaccine
We can not reach the reach of this campaign, we will learn the same
He emphasizes the epidemic of 2018 with cases and deaths from influenza, "he said.

Even outside of the planned date, some of the population that matched the other priority groups and was looking for the vaccine received the doses." We have been thinking about their willingness to to go to the vaccination centers. That's why we used the vaccine so it does not have to go again, "explains the Superintendent.

4.53% of the elderly population, 3.85% of healthcare workers, 1.31% of teachers, and 2.59 Next week, 22-26 April, the campaign will target health workers.

Vaccination plan

The vaccination on this Thursday and Friday of Easter will be conducted as follows: For the population Two vaccination centers are available to use the influenza:

Municipal Immunization Center / Schedule: 8h to 18h / Address: Avenida 5a radial, block 216 to lot 04, sector Pedro Ludovico

Cais Campinas / Hours: 8h to 18h / Address: Rua P-30 izquierda c / P-26, Employed Sector

The Municipal Health Department emphasizes that only routine vaccines are used on the weekends.

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