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The Miz: “John Morrison is the next big star in WWE”

Since the beginning of 2020, The Miz has teamed up with his friend and brought John Morrison back. The two have already won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships once and are also two of the most famous fighters in the USA Roster do SmackDown.

In an interview with In The Kliq Pro Wrestling Podcast, Awesome One stated that he believed John Morrison would be the next big star in WWE.

What if I persuaded you to come to WWE? Of course not, he wanted to go back to the company. Should I try to help as much as possible? Yes, of course. He’s my best friend and when I have him back I’ll be better because he helps me think outside the box and there is no one like John Morrison.


7;s got amazing talent, and I think John Morrison is the next big star in WWE. I think he’ll win the WWE Championship or the WWE Universal Championship. He’s a very talented fighter and I think he deserves to be a champion.

Also in this interview, The Miz talked about Daniel Bryan helping the SmackDown creative team after refusing to ever say anything Daniel Bryan wrote for him.

He will never write for me, I can guarantee that now. Nobody can deny their talent [Daniel Bryan]but if I get along with him? Of course not. Will I ever hear your creative suggestions for my character? Yes, I will listen to your suggestions, but I will hardly use them.

Do you agree with The Miz when he says that John Morrison will be world champion in WWE? And did you expect another response from The Miz that one day you received creative direction from Daniel Bryan?

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