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The three teas that improve thinking and brain function by 50%

F ger Lei, assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine of the National University of Singapore, conducted a study that demonstrated daily consumption , Consumption of tea may reduce the risk of cognitive decline by 50% of the studied elderly has a protective effect against the age-related decline in brain organization, "explains Feng .

Tea protects

The research group enrolled 36 adults aged 60 and over and received data on their health, lifestyle, and psychological well-being The elderly were also given neuropsychological and magnetic resonance [19659002Thestudywasconductedfrom2015to2018

By analyzing participants' cognitive performance and imaging results, it was found that individuals ingested green tea, oolong or tea black at least four times a week for about 25 years had more efficiently interconnected brain regions . .

"We can use the example of traffic Traffic Consider brain regions as targets, while connections between brain regions are roads: If a road system is better organized, the movement of vehicles and passengers is more efficient and consumes fewer resources. Brain regions are more structured and information processing can be carried out more efficiently, "explained Feng .

This is not the first investigation that has been most frequently performed on the benefits of drinking . Previous studies have already shown that drinking tea is beneficial to human health. Positive effects are improvement of mood and prevention of cardiovascular diseases Cardiovascular diseases

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