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"This is my princess" – The TV

The singer was a guest of Fátima Lopes this Saturday in "Tell Me Como És" by TVI. Virgul took a journey through time, remembering his childhood and musical career. However, a message from the daughter left him visibly upset.

"Hello Dad, how are you? I really like you, play with you, go to many places with you, I really like your songs … kisses!" Said the daughter. The artist did not hold back his tears and assumed that being a father was the "best thing in life".

"My princess … this is my princess Being a father has changed me so much … being responsible for it makes us even more sensitive and attentive, and we need to develop a new sense of responsibility, it's the best part This passage through life, being a father has no explanation, we really have to be, "said Virgul excitedly.

moments before he received a message from his "proud" mother. "Bruno is a very good son, he is an excellent son, he grew up in the neighborhood, he could have gone astray, but no, he has always followed the paths we have given him, he is an excellent father very loving to his daughter, very dedicated, I want you to be very happy, continue to do what you love, and get a wife for the future and give me more grandchildren, "said her mother.

Virgul described her mother as a "warrior" and her reference. "I am glad that my mother is super happy and can make her happy, it is a tremendous satisfaction if you feel that you have fulfilled your role as a father, and that's exactly what I want to pass on to my daughter." [1

9659006] "Bruno has been an artist since childhood, and he gives us joy, he has a talent that everyone admires and me as a father, I wish you all the best, that you continue with your music and you never miss anything, lots of kisses my love, my dear son, "said the father.

This message turned out to be very special, as the singer had never expected that the production would convince the parents to speak publicly.

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