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"This was a work that had to be completed before class started"

The President of the Regional Government has already begun with the visit to the conclusion of the liaison between the Rua da Ribeira de João Gomes and the Campo da Barca in Funchal, which will be reopened on Thursday afternoon afternoon banquet, which the workers from Afavias / Construtora do Tâmega Consortium is offered.

Although this was an unofficial visit by the President of the Regional Government, some personalities associated with the current executive, such as the Vice President of the Government, did not miss the meeting. Pedro Calado, Amílcar Gonçalves, Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, but also the former Managing Director such as Sérgio Marques, Regional Secretary for Parliamentary Affairs (portfolio for public works) or the government chaired by Alberto João Jardim as Former Social Services Secretary, Santos Costa, to which the President of the Municipality of Santa Luzia, José Rodrigues, was also responsible, was responsible for the construction of other facilities such as Avelino Farinha, head of Afavias, one of the consortium companies responsible for executing the works.

In his short speech, Miguel Albuquerque stated that this was a job "that had to be completed before the beginning of the lesson". and thanked the companies involved as well as their employees, contractors and engineers for their overall commitment to this work. The Chairman highlighted architect Paulo David, author of the "Grand Draft", and praised the effort and talent shown in this project.

"This is another important work in relation to human safety and the development of Madeira and the

Miguel Albuquerque, accompanied by the vice-chair of the regional government, arrived in the company car and greeted the attendees among engineers, leaders , Designers and other workers of the contractors involved in the company.

The unofficial program consists of lunch / socializing with the consortium's employees and executives involved in this work amounting to 1

6.3 million euros.

Although Miguel Albuquerque's visit to the completed project summarizes all elements of an inauguration, there is nothing The Fifth Guard is not on the official agenda of the Fifth Guard. two other acts that will be attended by the Chief Executive of Madeira.

It is recalled that the work was essentially aimed at the construction of reinforced concrete structures with spans between 13.5 and 17.5 meters. to protect the existing three lanes.

The 231-meter-long right wing structure of the right bank of the Ribeira de João Gomes is linked to the existing Pestana Júnior Tunnel, which was only intervened within the lighting and some safety signs, which now have a total length of 460 meters. On the left bank of the Ribeira de João Gomes, the completed masonry has a total length of 110 meters and carries two consoles with a span of 7.5 meters.

The overlaying of the structures is followed by the application of the damping layer. for block lintel protection, consisting of modular sets of overlapping and overlapping tire layers with high-strength steel mesh, explains SREI.

Drainage, paving, signaling and lighting works (including the complete reconstruction of the lighting of the Pestana Júnior tunnel).

The contract is co-financed by PO-SEUR (85%) and has been awarded to an external consortium consisting of Afavias – Engenharia e Construcoes, SA and Construtora do Tâmega Madeira, SA. for the value of 16.321.608.96 euros (already including VAT).

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