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Two weeks later, anyone in the revolt still does not know how to make the IRS Observer

At a time when thousands of taxpayers have already received a refund or manual declarations have been validated, anyone with Revolut or N26 accounts is still awaiting clarification from the Ministry of Finance, for which the Secretary of State promised on April 5 had taxes for "a few days". Two weeks later, a Treasury source tells the Observer that no news is yet to be announced so taxpayers will still have to wait for such "full clarification" as to whether they refer to these "accounts". On the Profit and Loss Statement.

After Wednesday, April 3, the tax authority issued an alarm when it informed Diário de Notícias that "the existence of an account with Revolut must be declared in the IRS." In the face of confusion, which was created at a time when hundreds of thousands of people had already submitted the statement ̵

1; possibly also several who are clients of the new digital platforms, which seem to cause many doubts to the government.

On Friday, the day of April 5th The newspaper Eco, secretary of state for tax issues, António Mendonça Mendes, retired to the position transferred from AT, saying that "the subject in his Placement is very relevant. Our commitment is also to meet the evolution of the way society organizes itself. Therefore, we will analyze this specific case, which has been raised to clarify taxpayers in the coming days. If a change in the law is to be made in the future, this is another matter. "

The same day, a communication sent by the tax authority said that the agency" is analyzing the specific problem of Revolut and other similar platforms. To clarify to taxpayers whether or not the sums they transfer should be declared. "

From April 18, almost two weeks later, this clarification does not appear to be imminent, according to the ministry spokesman

According to several observers who have been heard by the Observer, it does not make sense to explain these questions

According to Vivo, the tax authority is asked for help from the Bank of Portugal to clarify this issue "Accounts" because they are not "deposit accounts" or "securities accounts" as defined by law. 19659002]

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