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USA: Healthy bitch slaughtered to be buried with the owner – News

Pursuant to Law No. 8/2017, animals remain property, but this right to "property of an animal" does not extend to the possibility of inflicting pain, suffering, or similar abuse leading to unjustified suffering, abandonment or death. "

Pet owners are obliged to" ensure their welfare and to respect the characteristics of each species and, in exercising their rights, the special conditions for the raising, breeding, keeping and protection of animals and the protection of endangered species, if necessary , "In addition, there is the law that in the obligations of owners" to ensure access to water and feed according to the needs of the species concerned "and" access to medical veterinary care, whenever justified, including prophylactic measures, identification is and legally provided vaccination measures. "

Under this Act," in the event of injury to an animal, the responsible person is obliged to compensate the owner or persons or entities that have provided the relief, without prejudice to any compensation generally owed. "If the injury results in 'death, deprivation of an important organ or limb, or a serious and permanent impairment of ability to travel,' there will be an 'adequate compensation for the displeasure or moral suffering under which he has suffered at an altitude which needs to be remedied "

Already in the case of a divorce pet animals are entrusted to one or both spouses, whereby in particular the interests of each spouse and the children of the couple as well as those of the animal be."

who "an illegal appropriation intention for itself yourself or another person has to punish something foreign or movable is punishable by imprisonment up to three years or a fine. "

(Note: A prominent image is not Emmas, but a general photograph of a Shih Tzu Dog.)

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