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Violence and betrayal: Woman exchanges Elvas-Bauer for the boss – News

Elvas Farmer, João Neves, entered the SIC reality show to find love . He made it to Isabel Almeida, with whom he lives in the southern city of Alto Alentejo.

But looking at the history of the Alentejo, their relationship to sentimental life can be seriously jeopardized. Testimonies of those who know Elva Farmer well, he begins with much attention and affection, but proves to be aggressive and violent.

These personality traits that led to her being abandoned by the previous women and exchanged for other men she knew well : the boss and the best friend. It was the mistreatment and humiliation that led to the first woman, Esperanza ̵

1; the mother of Karina, daughter of 23 – and her second companion, Lidia – mother of Bernardo, 7 years old, having to leave Joao Neves

"I knew the two women well, both the girl's mother and the boy's mother, and the two complained about it …" verbal abuse and I think it's physically too "revealed Zé Bento, an old friend of João Neves for "TV7 Dias"

" They parted because they exchanged his best friend [Nito Conceição] Nito and his wife They were always with Joao and Líkdia, they went to the mountains, to the snacks, to the murders … and Joao said that one day they were there on the mountain and Lídia had already had the suitcases made and told João to shut them up to bring her home in Elvas ", sa There is another source for publication.

També The first woman, Esperanza, was sick of being treated badly by SIC's "Who Wants to Date with the Farmer" competitor, and exchanged it for another. The two were living in Badajoz at the time and the farmer had caught his partner.

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